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With a master degree and a corporate background of 15 years, Emy is an entrepreneur, born in the French Alps, with 5 years’ experience during her twenties in the United States (based in Cincinnati, visited Detroit, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, & San Francisco) and is now living in Paris for a decade.

In the United States of America, she was strongly involved in international, multicultural communities of locals, students, expatriates organizations & international workers. She travelled to many corners of the world, such as Europe, Africa, North America & the Middle East.

Having friends from the United States and from France visiting her in Paris, she had this idea of PARIS BY EMY. In addition, loving Paris and multicultural exchanges, she has founded PARIS BY EMY, a company dedicated to planning personalized vacation packages with private tours and private personal services.

Her passion for creating unique tailor made Paris Trip for her clients, with a cultural cohesion, made by a French citizen who lived abroad, is PARIS BY EMY strongest ability & goal.


We are far away from mass tourism. PARIS BY EMY provides you hotels recommendations, custom made itinerary, flexible private tour guide, personal online assistance during your stay. We also ofer custom made services for your Paris tour such as airport transfer, restaurant or skip the line entrance tickets reservation… Thus, your Paris tour package is fully dedicated to you and personalized according to your aspirations, with local expertise and flexibility. It is a mix between :

  • Personal Travel Agent to set your hotel and itinerary
  • Private Concierge services for specific requests
  • Personal Assistant during your stay
  • Tailor-Made Private Tour Guide

There is no already-made tour and no algorithm. We are flexible enough to modify the tour if you feel like it. We create unique trip thanks to a strong readiness and real human exchanges.

PARIS BY EMY is registered at the Paris Trade & Companies Register under 832 791 974 400 013. 

“Far from hurting me, the one who differs from me, enriches me.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince author

About PARIS BY EMY’s Missions

Like a wedding planner, PARIS BY EMY is dedicated to planning custom made Paris Tours with Private Tour Guide and Private Personal Assistant Services in the light of your aspirations. Enjoy an authentic insight into French culture via personalized tours, a delightful trip to enhance your enjoyment of Paris.

  • Custom Made Paris Tours

We create tailor-made Paris trips and also offers Private Tour Guide Paris, according to your profile and budget. With ongoing assistance before and during your trip, PARIS BY EMY delivers genuine personalized Paris Tour Package with services made just for you. We set your itinerary via 10 themes such as Parisian icons, Food & drink, Art & museums, Sacred places, Landmarks & sightseeing, Shopping, Entertainment, Green Paris, Outside Paris, Specific Demand tour.

  • Trip, Time and Budget Optimization

Like a wedding planner, we offer an intimate and unique trip in Paris, according to the clients’ profile, goals, wishes, hobbies and budget. Thanks to online assistance before and during your trip, travelers optimize their visit, time, and budget, with serenity. Due to great knowledge of both Paris and traveling, PARIS BY EMY plans easygoing, tailor-made and fun Parisian trips.

  • True Human Exchanges

There are no automatism, no algorithm, no artificial intelligence, no platform, no already-made excursion or tour. No proposals, advices and highlightings are based on business partnerships or algorithms. Just “one on one”, direct contact with true human exchanges and locals for true personalized travelling services. PARIS BY EMY is not looking for volume but for high quality services with genuine human exchanges. We are also committed to ensuring there is transparency in our own business and with our business partners to tackling modern slavery and respect each individual.

  • Personalized Trip according to Who You Are

PARIS BY EMY facilitates travel planning and the trip itself to reflect the full personality of each client. Clients are French or English speakers – individuals, families, couples, groups of friends, educational organizations such as French classes, arts classes, university trips.

  • Travel in Accordance to Your Aspirations

Whether they are individuals, schools or organizations, clients save time and optimize their trip preparations according to their own wishes, desires and budget. They fully appreciate Paris like slippers on their feet with the ongoing assistance of Emy, a French parisienne, who is bi-cultural. From honeymoon to school trips, every PARIS BY EMY plan is unique.

PARIS BY EMY Genuine Tailor Made Paris Trip with Private Tour

Travel in serenity with local expertise

About PARIS BY EMY’s Values

  • Social Link between Travelers & PARIS BY EMY

PARIS BY EMY is a business which intrinsically links humankind to culture, by seeking to understand each other, comprehending different cultures and universes, benefiting from differences and discoveries that can bring women and men from any profile, background, religion, and gender, together. We are here to offer you lifetime souvenirs of Paris ! Check our Paris Tour Package. Have a Unique and Bountiful Experience of Joy with Enchantment.

  • Adaptability to Customers Requests

PARIS BY EMY provides real human exchanges, unlimited exchanges to prepare your trip. You will always be able to reach us, ask us recommendations, advices, anytime with accurency. We give tailor-made services according to your profiles and wishes. We also provide advices, ongoing assistance during your trip. You need to make a reservation, you get lost or encounter a problem, we are here to support you. If you change your mind for such and such activity or tour, because of the weather, your mood, … we are flexible and responsive as a French local company.

  • No Platform No Modern Slavery

All our private tours are unique, with real human exchanges providing social links. There are no platforms, no alreay-made tours. Platforms with AI should not desecrate the work of a person, of a company capable of creating rich human values for every individual and the whole society : employment, growth & social well-being.  Stephen Hawking expressed his concern during a Web Summit in 2017. He cautioned the human race to be well-prepared to tackle the after-effects of AI. We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We expect the same high standards from all of our contractors, suppliers and other business partners.

  • Flexibility to Clients Aspirations

Moreover, we offer flexibility and response better than any other platforms or already-made tours. We can always modify your tailor-made itinerary. We are flexible enough to change the tour if you feel like it. We help you for any requests or specific demands. Visit Paris unconstrained with hints, tips, real human assistance and private tour services. There is no better way to enjoy the city of lights free of tourist traps, with accurate information and a permanent assistance through real human exchanges with a local.

  • Lifetime Memory and delightment

PARIS BY EMY has also a sense of responsibility to contribute to the well-being of each client during their trip, in order to bring openness and to have a good impact on the clients’ lives. PARIS BY EMY is positioned against mass tourism, impersonal and already-made tour. We set tour according to your very own aspirations. You do what speaks to your soul with true private tours Paris, custom made.

About PARIS BY EMY’s Leitmotiv

  • A Unique and Bountiful Experience of Joy and Enchantment
  • An Educational and Knowledgeable Trip with fun to open our Souls
  • The Respect of Each Other to build social links across the world
  • The Openness between one another for a Mutually Beneficial Impact

About PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner with private tour

Paris Trip Planner with Private Tour

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