First Time in Paris

First Time in Paris : Don’t worry, Be happy ! You will be safe from tourists traps. You will get all the information, advices and tips you need, with accuracy and transparency, with the ongoing assistance of PARIS BY EMY, Paris based.

First Time in Paris

Advices for your first trip to Paris :

  • Do not leave your luggages unattended in transport
  • Remember to photocopy your identity papers and leave them at your hotel
  • Do not handle bundles of money in public
  • Take a minimum of cash with you
  • Do not store your wallet, phone in an outside pocket
  • Prefer a bag worn over the shoulder
  • Do not put your wallet, phone on a coffee or restaurant table
  • Tips are not mandatory but you can always leave a tip
  • Be careful with some cabarets, especially in Pigalle, where you will be imposed unwanted females presence and to consume drinks at very high prices
  • Prefer institutions that do not reach customers in the street and display their prices outside & inside the room
  • All prices must be displayed inclusive of VAT
  • Buy your tickets (show, transport, …) from professional resellers
  • Beware of fake petitions where you are asked for money

Be in serenity for your First Time in Paris

  • Emy, living in Paris for more than a decade, is an expert of Paris and she is French
  • She is fluent in English with 5 years’ experience in the United States, parlez-vous français 😉
  • In the US, she was strongly involved in multicultural communities & expatriates organizations 
  • She has travelled many corners of the world, such as Europe, Africa, North America & Middle-East

PARIS BY EMY creates personalized Paris Trip for its clients, with a cultural cohesion and historical approach, Made in Paris. Whatever would be your fears & objections, PARIS BY EMY find answers & solutions for your first time in Paris.

First Time in Paris, discover a cosmopolitan city

Paris is also a cosmopolitan city where you can find communities from all continents, through cultural centers, sacred places, celebrations, art exhibitions, restaurants, stores, districts,… Thus, you have the great opportunity to enjoy your own cultural background, within Cosmopolite Paris, in a social harmony.

PARIS BY EMY First Time in Paris

For your first Time in Paris, you may discover the Latino Tango and Salsa classes in famous places or by the Seine, Asian districts, Indian living quarters, English & Irish Pubs, African restaurants, the Jewish neighborhood, the Institut du Monde Arabe, the American church of Paris, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and many other places from all continents.

PARIS BY EMY has also a sense of responsibility to contribute to the well-being of each client during their trip, in order to bring openness and to have a good impact on its clients’ lives. PARIS BY EMY is positioned against mass tourism packages, impersonal & inflexible.

Visa Application to France

First time in Paris Paris by Emy

You may visit the official website for visa application to France. Planning a holiday, a business trip or any other projects in France, this website provides you information on how to do each step for your visa application process.


PARIS BY EMY will answer all your questions, as soon as possible. Thank you.

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