Paris Vacation Packages fully customizable

Paris Tour Package : Indeed, we offer genuine personalized tour packages. Moreover, you have the possibility to create your own package or to modulate each package easily.

Eiffel Tower by night La Parisienne Blog by PARIS BY EMY

Custom Made Paris Tour Package

  • You can add or remove custom made services as you wish
  • You know exactly what to expect with our detailed quotation

Where to begin ? And how much does a Paris Trip cost ? You can find an average on your expenses including hotel, food and drink, touring , shopping for a budget overview. Check our page Cost of a trip to Paris.

A personalized stay full of adventures to grow your soul in the most beautiful city of the world

All inclusive Paris Tour Package

Be cosseted. We create your Paris Tour Package in accordance to exchanges and your validation. In fact, you choose we create. We are Paris based with our Parisian Network. We have great listening skills and we follow your wishes.

  • A team of experts at your disposal to organize an exceptional and unique trip
  • We listen to you and build together your trip knowing that no decision will be made without your approval
  • Partnership with the best talented and creative providers that meet your expectations throughout Paris and France
  • A collaboration based on trust and frankness where you have all the information and quotes

There are no already-made tour. No partners of our network have signed a contractual agreement with PARIS BY EMY thus no providers, activities, tours, day, time and visit are imposed to you. Your trip is booked through your validation.

Exclusive Paris Tour Package by PARIS BY EMY

Unlimited exchanges to plan your trip according to your budget and aspirations via email, phone, Skype
Flexibility to customize your trip and possibility to modify your itinerary during your stay
Personalized trip via our 10 themes such as Parisian Icons, French Cuisine, Landmarks, Sacred Places...
Parisian social events, exhibitions, festivals recommendations according to your profile
Permanent Assistance during your visit for any questions or requests
Assistance 24/7 in case of emergency or just in case of little problems
Recommendations for any type of services, suppliers and activities in Paris

Paris Tour Packages

Thanks to detailed quotations, you know exactly what to expect. We plan your trip according to your budget and aspirations. Travelling becomes a delightful experience.

We are far away from mass tourism, and impersonal travel companies. No large group tours but just you. Be cosseted. You can rely on our knowledge to experience Paris with true human considerations and tailor-made services. Moreover, we offer flexibility and response better than any other platforms. We help you for any requests or specific demands. Visit Paris unconstrained with hints, tips, real human assistance and high standing personalized services.

We are very flexible and we can always modify your itinerary. Moreover, PARIS BY EMY informs you about social events, exhibitions and cultural programs of the city that fit in your profile.

Paris Tour Package with Personalized Services

Prices depend on the number of people in each Paris Tour Package and Private Tour Guide
“The Roadmap”, an itinerary, tailor-made, for every day of your stay
Airport hotel transfer with private chauffeur
3 accommodation recommendations, verified by PARIS BY EMY, according to your criteria
Private tour guide Paris in English for 1/2 Day(s), full Day(s), Evening(s)
Private tour guide Paris in English with a private chauffeur
Museums private tour with a certified guide, high privileges and a private driver
Museums and Gourmet restaurant private tour with a certified guide and private chauffeur
French Parisian gastronomy tour for a dinner in a gourmet restaurant with a private driver
Wine tasting private tour in Champagne or Burgundy with a private driver
Private Parisian Shopping tour with a private driver according to your taste
Special Event organization such as anniversary, marriage proposal, honey moon
Reservation made for hotel, airport chauffeur, restaurant, concert, opera, …
Skip the line entrance ticket for museums and landmarks
And more if you need more !

With the Specific Demand Paris Tour Package

Our best-performing package from 400 euros including tax.

  • We set exactly what you want according to your budget and desires
  • Genuine custom made tour, you choose exactly what kind of services you are looking for
  • We are passionate about giving you an ultra custom made Paris Trip

Paris Tour Package PARIS BY EMY

For example

You are coming to Paris for one week with friends during summer. It is the first time for you all in Paris. You want to have highlights of the city with a focus on its major districts, a gourmet dinner, shopping, and Green Paris. You may ask for those services :

In addition, you can ask for different activities such as :

  • A tour on a Rolls Royce
  • A private river cruise
  • A horse carriage or a 2CV tour
  • A private tour in a flea market
  • A photographer for lifetime memory
  • A class of cooking with a Chef for pastry
  • A new haircut by a famous Parisian hairdresser…

We set your itinerary, we plan, we book and give you the perfect tailor made trip in accordance to your desires.

The Paris Big Classics Package Deals 

PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

Paris Big Classics Package Deals for 2 persons from 1675 Euros including tax, for 4 persons from 1765 Euros including tax

You can customize your private tour guide. Moreover, you can add extra services and activities at an additional cost.


With the VIP Package, you have it all

Paris Tour VIP Package from 2000 Euros taxes included

Paris Tour Package VIP by PARIS BY EMY

You can add or remove services

  • 7 Day Duration of your tour package
  • Unlimited exchanges for your trip’s creation via 10 themes
  • A choice of 3 accommodation options according to your criteria
  • A tailor-made itinerary, ” The Roadmap”
  • 1h Welcome meeting at your convenience in Paris
  • Online assistance during your trip
  • Emergency assistance 24/7
  • 2 full days or 4 half days of private tour guide (12 hours)


With the 7-day Full Service Package

Paris Tour 7-Day Full Service Package from 1150 Euros taxes included

Paris Tour Package 7 day full service by PARIS BY EMY

You can add or remove services

  • 7 Day Duration of your tour package
  • Unlimited exchanges for your trip’s creation via 10 themes
  • A choice of 3 accommodation options according to your criteria
  • 1 full day or 2 half days of private tour guide (6 hours)
  • Permanent online assistance


With the 7-day Premium Paris Tour Package

Paris Tour 7-Day Premium Package from 850 Euros taxes included

Paris Tour Package 7 day by PARIS BY EMY

You can add or remove services

  • 7 Day Duration of your tour package
  • Unlimited exchanges for your trip’s creation via 10 themes
  • A choice of 3 accommodation options according to your criteria
  • 1 half day of private tour guide (3 hours)


With the 3-day Premium Package

Paris Tour 3-Day Premium Package from 400 Euros taxes included

Paris Tour Package 3 day by PARIS BY EMY

Personalized Package with privileges

  • Save time & energy
  • Optimize your budget
  • Be cosseted and understood
  • Travel in serenity with local expertise
  • No already planned tour
  • Feel Paris Heartbeat
  • Follow your aspirations

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First, we discuss customer expectations and a quote is given. Several exchanges may occur to finalize tour costs based on your aspirations and budget. Once the final quote is accepted by the customer, online billing occurs with credit card or bank transfer. Then, we create a personalized carefully crafted Paris trip for each client.

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