Private Tour Paris

Private Tour Guide Paris : Choose districts, sightseeing, activities… or just let yourself be carried for a Paris city highlights by PARIS BY EMY. We create just for you a specific tour, for one day, for your all stay. We set true custom made Private Tour Paris with hotel pick up.

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Fontaine Stravinsky Pompidou Saint Merry church Private Tour Guide PARIS BY EMY

Place Stravinsky

An educational and personalized trip rich in adventures while having fun in the most beautiful city of the world

Custom Made Private Tour Guide by PARIS BY EMY

Taxes includedPrices depend on the number-age of people, duration and custom made themes
From 170 Euros2 hours from 8 am to 7 pm with pick up by private guide meeting point of your choice
From 250 Euros½ Day from 8 am to 7 pm (3 hours total per day) with pick up by private guide
From 400 Euros1 Day from 8 am to 7 pm (6 hours total per day) with pick up by private guide
From 300 Euros1 Evening from 8 pm to midnight (3 hours total per evening) with pick up by private guide
From 170 EurosPer person for a Museum private tour licensed guide including entrance ticket - 2 to 3 hours
From 130 EurosPer person for a family Museum tour licensed guide including entrance ticket - 2 to 3 hours
From 480 EurosPer person family Versailles tour including licensed guide, entrance ticket, lunch, kids gifts and driver
From 560 EurosPer person Versailles exclusive tour including ticket, gourmet lunch, private licensed guide and chauffeur
Ask for a quoteIn Paris, around and outside Paris, with private driver only or including a private guide

Feel Paris heartbeat

We offer private guided tours in accordance to your desires. Your tour could be around different places and activities in total harmony of your profile, without the constraints of mass tourism, already made tours and large impersonal groups.

  • Custom-made tour with your private guide
  • Hotel pick up or at any meeting point
  • Private driver in option for X hours

Each private tour guide is personalized according to your profile and validations with our local expertise for :

  • ½ Day (s)
  • Full Day (s)
  • Evening (s)
  • What
  • When
  • Where

Thus, each private tour guide is custom made according to your aspirations : landmarks, museums, Paris history, the people who made Paris, specific districts, shopping, wine tasting, sacred places,…

  • A custom made itinerary for your stay only €
  • A private tour guide with custom made itinerary €€
  • A private licensed tour guide for a museum tour €€€
  • A private tour guide with private driver and custom made itinerary €€€€

In any case, we reserve and book skip the line tickets for you, including for specific activities you would like to do.

We custom made your tour with our great Parisian network. We are flexible enough to modify the tour if you feel like it, because of the weather, because you have changed your mind or you feel too tired for example. This can apply if no skip the line entrance tickets or activities have been booked for a specific time. We will do our best to modify it according to your expectations and in a realistic way.

Pick up ones of those tours or tell us what you want to do !

If you need more inspirations, have a look at PARIS BY EMY themes

  • Parisian icons
  • Historical Paris
  • French Cuisine
  • Art & museums
  • Sacred places
  • Landmarks & sightseeing
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Green Paris
  • Outside Paris

Personalized itinerary for your stay

In addition to private tour guide, restaurants, museums and landmarks booking, tell us activities you would like to do :

  • Cooking class regarding traditional meal or patisserie
  • Cabaret in Montmartre to feel the bohemian spirit
  • Wine tasting with cheese in a Parisian wine bar
  • Jazz concert in famous Saint Germain district
  • Booking a photographer for great souvenir shooting
  • Have a beauty and make up class
  • Overview of Paris from a balloon fly
  • Have a ride with a Rolls Royce or a private boat on the Seine River
  • Get a dinner invitation in Parisians’ homes
  • Bring your kids to ride a poney in our beautiful parks
  • Go for a canoe Kayak tour on the Marne river…

Ask for a custom made itinerary. It is designed to address the special desires and basic needs of our customers. We set your itinerary upon your approval and arrange it for the duration of your stay. In the case of you choose the itinerary option, your tailor made itinerary will be sent by email & dropped at your hotel with full documents printed.

Private Tour Guide Paris

First time in Paris ? Get Paris city highlights. We plan your guided tour according to your profile. Follow your aspirations. We make sure you optimize your time and budget. Choose your own private tour Paris among thousands of possibilities. Be a visitor with privileges.

  • Expertise from a Parisian company

Have a personalized tour by a local and its Parisian network. Visit Paris with hints of Paris life style, stories and personalized tour services. There is no better way to enjoy the City of Lights free of tourist traps and mass tourism. Be aware of trendy boutiques, trendy places such as cafés, restaurants, trendy things to do in order to discover the real Parisian life style and attitude. In addition, discover and do exactly what you want with our recommendations and Parisian partners.

  • Social Events according to your profile

Furthermore, we can integrate in a private tour Parisian social events that fit in your profile. Paris has tones of social events and exhibitions all year long. For example, we go explore together the festival Paris Plage during summer, Bastille Day Celebration, the lluminations of the Champs Elysées during winter, tones of Fair Trades, National celebrations, harvest festival of Montmartre, sport events such as Tour de France arrival…

Come & see what speaks to your soul

Before you reach Paris, tell us what you really want to do ! Then, we set your tour the way you want it. For one full day or couple days or the whole stay, we are here for you.

  • You realize your wishes
  • We go beyond your expectations
  • We make your tour unique

Seine River Private tour by PARIS BY EMY

The Seine River

Personalized Private Tour Guide in Paris

The nicest way to rejoice Paris is to walk around so you can feel the magic City of Lights. In addition, Parisians have the habits to walk every day for every little things of life without taking their cars.

Walking through the street of Paris allows you to feel the atmosphere. In addition, you discover with your heart and soul every detail of Paris. At the meantime, you find out a little boutique, a beautiful square, a lovely garden, unusual places thanks to your private guide and your custom-made tour, according to your aspirations.

Furthermore, you may stop at a café that catch your eyes for a little snack, on a terrace, or have a typical French meal after a long tour to recharge your battery and move on again.

  • Hotel pick up or at any meeting point
  • No large groups but just you and your private guide
  • No tour, day and time frame imposed only your desires
  • Lots of flexibility and genuine cozy tour at your rhythm
  • Activities and skip the line tickets booking for you

We recommend you great museums, landmarks, walking tours, historical sites, petites boutiques, legendary brasseries, cafés and we give you ways to rejoice the Parisienne Life, in accordance to your profile, wishes and budget.

Notre Dame de Paris private Tour Guide PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

Notre Dame Cathedral

Choose a Paris Introduction Tour

We offer this tour to give you tips and hints to visit Paris with serenity, ways to optimize your time, to follow your aspirations.

Paris Introduction Tour 3 hours – from 250 Euros including taxes

Before you reach Paris, we go, on one to one, through discussions into PARIS BY EMY themes to clearly identify your priorities, centers of interest, and spending’s orientation.

Once you have reached Paris, we offer you custom made private tours guide with hotel pick up including :

  • Overview of Paris highlights by arrondissements (districts) with map
  • Explanations of la Parisienne Life Style, habits & culture
  • Presentation of the social events of Paris during your stay
  • PARIS BY EMY recommendations according to your profile
  • How to use the Métro (subway) and take the subway with you for the 1st time
  • Permanent online assistance during your stay for any questions or requests

Pick up, Walking & Transportation

We do hotel pick up or at any meeting point you would like us to meet you for starting your private tour. In Paris, transportations offer many possibilities to discover the City of Lights : subway, train, boat, bus and taxi. Your Private guide will be with you to optimize your transportation time and to save energy for a better discovery of Paris.

You have the possibility to go back to your hotel after a long day of walking by taxi. Ask your private guide to call a taxi to pick you up where you are and to drop you off at your hotel. On top of that, you can go from places to places by taxi. Be careful, depending on how many persons you are, basic taxi can hold 3 persons at the most.

By the way, the Paris Metropolitan Area (metro, subway, train) has been ranked as the best public transport system in the world by the The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP). In addition, enjoy a tour on a bus or a cruise on the Seine river ! Another possibility, ask for a private tour guide with a private chauffeur.

Attribution: “Plan: 2005 J.M. Schomburg”


Paris has 20 arrondissements, districts to discover !

Exclusive Private Tour Guide for big budget

In addition, we offer exclusive private tour with licensed guide and strong privileges such as private access into museums, landmarks for the Louvre museum, the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, with meals (lunch, tea time, dinner) in exquisite restaurants with great Chefs and private chauffeur. We offer exclusive wine tasting and gourmet tours for clients who want to mix very high standing private tour with wine, champagne, gastronomic French Cuisine.

Exclusive Wine Champagne Tasting & Gastronomic Tour

Taxes includedPrices depend on the number of people, type of car, duration and custom made itinerary
From 600 EurosPer person Gastronomic Dinner - appetizer main course meat fish cheese dessert - non alcoholic beverages including personalization with privileges and in option wine pairing one dish one glass - private driver
From 515 EurosPer person Museum tour including ticket, wine tasting, food plates, guide, wine expert and chauffeur
From 550 EurosPer person Museum tour including ticket, licensed guide, gourmet lunch and chauffeur
From 725 EurosPer person Museum tour including ticket, licensed guide, gastronomic dinner, wine expert and chauffeur
From 560 EurosPer person Versailles exclusive tour including ticket, gourmet lunch, private licensed guide and chauffeur
From 560 EurosPer person Giverny exclusive tour including ticket, gourmet lunch, private licensed guide and chauffeur
From 930 EurosPer person Champagne including 2 tastings, gourmet lunch with champagne, private guide & chauffeur
From 930 EurosPer person Loire castles including ticket, wine tasting, gourmet lunch, private guide & chauffeur
Ask for a quoteIn Paris, around and outside Paris, with private driver only or including a private guide

You have the possibility to have a mix of private tour guide AND private licensed guide for a private tour in a museum. We offer licensed guides for Paris museums. To be a licensed guide, you must hold a professional licensed guide card. Only licensed guide are allowed to give a lecture within museums. To obtain this card, you must have had a professional degree. Our licensed guides networks have in addition masters and PhD in art history.  Thus, we select the most appropriate licensed guide according to your aspirations.

From 170 Euros per person for a private licensed tour guide, including entrance ticket

In addition, museums and landmarks offer audio guides in every language as well. Those audio guides allow you to discover art pieces museums and monuments at your rhythm according to your appeals. This is a good option if you prefer to be on your own, with total freedom. In this case too, we book for you skip the line tickets.

We create, plan, set everything, with your validation according to your aspirations and budget. Like a wedding planner, we offer genuine and high standing personalized tours in the City of Lights.

Planning school trips by PARIS BY EMY

Choose an all inclusive Paris Tour Package

For a full stay all inclusive Paris Tour Package, we plan your global itinerary according to your profile, budget and centers of interest. Appreciate custom made services from a local company with tones of high standing services for your stay and with its Parisian network. Moreover, we can custom your stay in accordance to a special event such as anniversary, marriage proposal, Christmas time family celebration… We create unique trip thanks to strong readiness and your validation, our expertise and Parisian network.

Custom Made Paris Tour Package

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