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Private Tour Guide Paris : You choose what districts, sightseeing, activities… or just let yourself be carried for a Paris city highlights. We create just for you a specific tour. You don’t have to choose a Paris tour package for a private tour guide Paris option.

Fontaine Stravinsky Pompidou Saint Merry church Private Tour Guide PARIS BY EMY

Options For Private Tour Guide Paris

Taxes includedDepending on the people number for individuals and for professionals or groups
From 140 - 210 Euros½ Day(s) 8 am to 7 pm (3 hours total per day)
From 300 - 450 Euros1 Day(s) 8 am to 7 pm (6 hours total per day)
From 250 - 375 Euros1 Evening(s) 8 pm to midnight (4 hours total per evening)
From 1200 Euros1 day Champagne 8 am to 10 pm (14 hours total per day) touring transportation by rental car, only for individuals
From 2000 Euros2 days Normandy 8 am to 10 pm (14 hours total per day) touring transportation by rental car, only for individuals

Le Marais Private Tour Guide PARIS BY EMY

Feel Paris heartbeat

We offer private guided tours via themes in accordance to your desires. Your tour could be around the Seine river, les Invalides, the Revolution, or Notre Dame. Each visit is well prepared with local expertise. Visit Paris with tips and hints from a Parisian company.

  • Paris city highlights

First time in Paris ? Get Paris city highlights. We plan your guided tour according to your profile. Follow your aspirations. We make sure you optimize your time and budget. Skip the line to get into museums, monuments, get in advance tickets for Metro, museums… Be a visitor with privileges.

  • Expertise from a Parisian company

Visit Paris unconstrained with hints, tips and private tour services. There is no better way to enjoy the city of lights free of tourist traps and with accurate informations. Be aware of social events, cultural programs, trendy places such as cafés, restaurants, trendy things to do, the real Parisian life style and attitude.

Come & see

  • Lafayette, Queen Marie-Antoinette & the Revolution
  • The unavoidable classics and icons of Paris
  • Districts of Paris, Place Vendôme, Montmartre, Le Marais,…
  • Private full-day palace and park of Versailles guided tour
  • Private tour Notre Dame cathedral, the Sainte Chapelle & conciergerie
  • The Seine river and private cruise with diner
  • Private tour Les Invalides, Napoléon and musée Rodin
  • Champs Elysées and Arc de Triomphe tours
  • The Sorbonne University and the latin quarter
  • Student tours Paris according to your field
  • Cafés, brasseries, restaurants, Chefs & French cuisine in Paris
  • Paris food and wine tours
  • Tasting champagne the king of wines
  • Private cooking classes in Paris
  • Shopping in Paris, little boutiques, the Made in Paris
  • The most romantic places to walk around and to have dinner
  • Romantic horse and carriage ride through Paris
  • Paris after dark tours and Paris by night
  • Paris est une fête A Moveable Feast
  • Paris and the National Assembly, the Elysée Palace
  • Paris in the Middle Age and its evolution
  • Paris religious tour heritage
  • Catholic and Protestant war from the XVI to the XVIII
  • The Emperor Napoléon and his landmarks
  • World War Two and De Gaulle General
  • Secrets of Paris tours
  • Paris museums and culture tours
  • Orsay museum private tour skip-the-line
  • Skip-the-line & private guided tour Louvre museum
  • Literature, poets, writers and artists in Paris
  • Art galleries, Street Art & Museums of Paris
  • Cosmopolitan Paris from all continents
  • Paris nature and wildlife tours
  • Paris youth and family tours
  • Green Paris and its garden, parks and forests
  • The Sacred places in the City of Lights …

La Sainte Chapelle Private Tour Guide Paris - PARIS BY EMY - Paris Trip Planner

Private Tour available with or without choosing a vacation package

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Your Private Tour Guide Paris is structured with

  • Duration
  • Theme
  • Location
  • When


Attribution: “Plan: 2005 J.M. Schomburg”

Paris has 20 arrondissements to discover

Rue de la Paix Private Tour Guide Paris PARIS BY EMY

Private Tour Guide Paris for

  • ½ Day
  • Day(s)
  • Evening(s)
  • Within Paris
  • Around Paris
  • Outside Paris

Notre Dame de Paris private Tour Guide PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

Ask for a certified guide, a guide conférencier, if you want a very precise lecture in a museum

Versailles Castle, private tour guide by PARIS BY EMY

2 Full Days Private Tour Guide Paris included in the 7 Day VIP Package

Tailor-Made Paris Tour Package & Services

  • From a Parisian company
  • Far away from mass tourism
  • With hotel pick up for Paris guided tours

We create a private tour according to who you are

You are who you are, we plan the perfect Paris Trip for you, your way. We are flexible. PARIS BY EMY is a company dedicated to planning personalized vacation packages with private guided tours for :

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