The Roadmap & The Travelogue

For your Paris Trip, the Roadmap with the Travelogue are both tailor-made and your best friends. Personalized via 10 themes with the advices of PARIS BY EMY , both will guide you every day of your trip. They reflect your personality and aspirations.

  • The Roadmap & the Travelogue work well together
  • They are easily readable on PC, Smartphone and tablet
  • Each Paris Tour Package has a Roadmap & a Travelogue

PARIS BY EMY roadmap travelogue Paris trip

THE ROADMAP : A schedule like a plan for your days and evenings, from morning to night, optimized for transport and travel time, with maps, subway stations and further information regarding sightseeing hints, flexible to follow, interchangeable per day according to your moods, and your rhythm (also according to the weather), to save your time while giving you a clear glance of the essential to see, provided in PDF, tailor-made.

PARIS BY EMY roadmap travelogue Paris trip

THE TRAVELOGUE  : A travel guide booklet, like a tourist guide, describing every aspect of your visited places, the district of your hotel, the things you will do, during your stay in Paris, such as a museums with hour and admissions, masterpieces to see, a monument, a ballade excursion with historical explanations of those streets, visitors tips, information about Paris and French culture, provided in PDF, in synergy with your Roadmap, tailor-made.

The Roadmap & the Travelogue via 10 themes

Service Paris Trip by Emy

With the Roadmap and the Travelogue, you have in hand your personalized trip

  • Via the 10 themes to identify your priorities
  • According to your profile, aspirations and budget
  • Alive with the permanent assistance and advices of PARIS BY EMY

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