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Things to do in Paris : PARIS BY EMY is your guide to recommand you lodging, sightseeing, activities, districts ballades, restaurants,… through 10 themes, according to your tastes, desires and budget.

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  • The uniqueness of each trip
  • The creation of your trip through 10 themes according to you
  • Recommendations for the cultural programs & social events of Paris

So many things to do in Paris

Paris has more than 1,500 hotels, 13,000 restaurants, 2,200 historical monuments, 200 museums , 260 theaters, 3 opera houses, 110 churches, 5,300 petites boutiques, … without talking about  exhibitions and social events.

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Thus, you must make choices or simply let yourself be carried by PARIS BY EMY.

  • Vacation Package from 400 euros for individuals, from 600 euros for organizations, taxes included
  • Private tour guide from 140 euros for individuals, from 210 euros for organizations, taxes included

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The most interesting way to discover Paris, is to do what speaks to your soul

Must See in Paris



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Paris is also a tremendous place for historical and social movements. The Middle-Ages, religious war between Catholics and Protestants, the French Revolution, World War II and many other historical events.


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Its mythical classics landmarks such as the Sorbonne University, the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, La Pyramide du Louvre,… must be seen, specially if it’s the first time for you in Paris.

French Cuisine

Things to do in Paris French cuisine PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

From street food to gastronomic restaurant, French cuisine is amazing. Paris has more than 13, 000 restaurants, cafés, brasserie where you enjoy a cup of coffee, a traditional meal or a patisserie.



The capital of France is also the place of Excellence : Creativity, diversity, romance, elegance, art, philosophy, literature, luxury, fashion… Many designers and artists enlight Paris with an energy of  goodness.

Exhibitions and Social Events

Exhibitions, concerts, spirituality, sports, festivals or family activities check @ 10 themes page

Personalize your Vacation Package via the 10 themes

What to Do in Paris

The most interesting way for you to enjoy Paris, is to do what speaks to your soul. According to your priorities and budget, you rank 10 themes such as lodging, art and museum, food and drink, sightseeing, God and spirituality, entertainment, shopping… We create a genuine customized tour, no already-made tour.

Moreover, you really feel Paris heartbeat because PARIS BY EMY informs you about all the social events and cultural programs of the city that fit in your profile.

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