Planning a Trip to Paris

Planning a Trip to Paris is convenient : PARIS BY EMY has access to international calls, with Emy its founder, a native French fluent in English, who lived 5 years in the US. We can also exchange by WhatsApp, email, Skype… to discuss about your trip in Paris.

Panning a trip to Paris PARIS BY EMY

We plan your trip with transparency & accuracy

  • Ongoing exchanges before your trip. Be in serenity
  • Genuine personalized vacation package. Your trip is unique
  • No trip, tour package, excursion, already-made and already-planned
  • No partners, vendors have signed a contractual agreement with PARIS BY EMY
  • No commission will be collected by PARIS BY EMY if a customer chooses a supplier
  • PARIS BY EMY has access to international calls, unlimited
  • We may exchange by Email, land phone, mobile, WhatsApp, Skype…

Romantic Paris

Personalized services for each Paris Trip

  • Unlimited exchanges to plan your trip, via 10 themes, your way, according to your budget and aspirations
  • A choice of 3 accommodation options, verified by PARIS BY EMY, according to your criteria, with photos and reviews to help you make a choice
  • Private Tour Guide Paris in English for 1/2 Day(s), full Day(s), Evening(s), within, around or outside Paris
  • “The Roadmap” in PDF, a schedule like a plan for your days and evenings, tailor-made, easy to read on smartphone
  • “The Travelogue” in PDF, a travel guide booklet, like a tourist guide, tailor-made, easy to read on smartphone
  • Welcome Meeting within Paris at your convenience – day time & place of your choice, 1 hour – from 9am to 7pm
  • Online Assistance during your visit, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 7pm
  • Permanent assistance 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Special Event organization such as anniversary, marriage proposal, honey moon…
  • Reservation made for hotel, airport chauffeur, restaurant, concert, opera…

Let’s talk about your Trip

Contact PARIS BY EMY for your Paris Trip

First, choose or create a package

  • From 400 euros for individuals, taxes included
  • From 600 euros for organizations small groups, taxes included

How to create your own vacation package PARIS BY EMY

Once you have your Vacation Package

  • Guidelines are as follows of how Planning a Trip to Paris is processed once you have your package


First exchange on wishes and budget of the customer by phone or Skype, with approximate or immediate quotation, depending on your wishes, tailor-made package and/or (only) selected option(s) such as private tour guide. If necessary, second exchange to finalize the quotation in case of particular request or which requires a precise and thorough research.


If the quote, sent by email,  is accepted by the customer, billing and payments occur online, payment with a bank-transfer. Another billing can occur in the case of the customer needs to make a deposit and/or wants to add services.


Third passage of detailed and meticulous exchanges with the client for the creation of the trip via Skype, telephone, email or Whatsapp, preferably by appointment. We may go together via interviews and questionnaires. It is a key moment to create you Dream Trip in Paris. We go, on one to one, through discussions into 10 themes to clearly identify your priorities, centers of interest, and spending’s orientation.


Full proposal of PARIS BY EMY sent by email for the trip (except for round trip transportation to Paris)


Refinement and exchanges around the first proposal via Skype, telephone, email, and Whatsapp—preferably by appointment. The goal is to refine your trip according to you with the local expertise of PARIS BY EMY.


Finalization of the proposal such as lodging recommandations, The Roadmap and The Travelogue sent by email.


Booking and payment for accommodations made by the client (or by PARIS BY EMY in case of the customer wants us to book the accommodation. In this case, this will be charged in the first billing)


Final validation of the proposal sent by email once the accommodation is booked and settled. Possibility of refinement and exchanges around the final proposal if necessary.


Sending by email each validated element of the selected package and options, if applicable, such as the “Roadmap” and the “Travelogue”.


Fulfillment of the packages and options chosen during the stay, in Paris and around.

You can choose a Private Tour Guide Paris without choosing a package.

PARIS BY EMY Must See in Paris

In addition, you can ask for other services such as

  • Welcoming meeting at the airport
  • Airport chauffeur
  • Reservation made for hotel, restaurant, opera…

Options For Private Tour Guide Paris

Taxes includedDepending on the people number for individuals and for professionals or groups
From 140 - 210 Euros½ Day(s) 8 am to 7 pm (3 hours total per day)
From 300 - 450 Euros1 Day(s) 8 am to 7 pm (6 hours total per day)
From 250 - 375 Euros1 Evening(s) 8 pm to midnight (4 hours total per evening)
From 1200 Euros1 day Champagne 8 am to 10 pm (14 hours total per day) touring transportation by rental car, only for individuals
From 2000 Euros2 days Normandy 8 am to 10 pm (14 hours total per day) touring transportation by rental car, only for individuals

We plan your Trip via 10 themes

What to Do in Paris





Be in serenity for Planning a Trip to Paris with the local expertise of PARIS BY EMY