Romantic Things to do in Paris

Romantic Things to do in Paris : Paris is the place for all lovers all around the world ! The City of Lights is the one of the world’s most romantic cities. The typical Parisian couple’s activity for summer time : a chic picnic along the Seine, starting with a glass of champagne & strawberries.

Feel the Romance

Dining at L’Escargot rue Montorgueil where the Windsor couple used to have diner, having a very romantic promenade across beautiful gardens of Paris, visiting an Impressionist museum, it’s all simple & so romantic.

Romantic things to do in Paris PARIS BY EMY

  • Spend your Valentine’s Day in the City of Love to express your caring for each other
  • Make your Marriage Proposal on the Seine river passing through the Eiffel Tower
  • Have your Honeymoon within a specific tour tailor made for you
  • Feel the Romance in Paris, the City of Light…


French Touch

This city has so much to offer in Romantic Things to do in Paris :

  • Darling and intimate hotels
  • Beautiful promenades along the Seine
  • Enchanting sites for massage, spa & wellness
  • Lovely places to hold each other’s hand
  • Sexy Crazy stores to shop magical souvenirs
  • Charming spots for entertainment
  • Glamorous living quarters full of life
  • Famous love story movies’ places to kiss
  • Fabulous poems of love from French poets
  • Having chocolate, patisseries in legendary sites
  • Romantic dining with amorous atmosphere…

Romantic things to do in Paris PARIS BY EMY

Romantic Paris

We offer a so romantic experience for a couple in love. Ask for your tailor-made trip with full service, permanent assistance before and during your trip, with options such as private guide.

Contact PARIS BY EMY for your Paris Trip

  • From 400 euros, taxes included for a tailor-made package
  • From 140 euros, taxes included, for a private tour guide


La Vie en Rose

You have the possibility to modulate your package according to your aspirations & budget, with the “Specific Demand” package for Romantic Things to do in Paris, for a marriage proposal 😉 for a honeymoon or simply for a couple in love.

Romantics things to do in Paris PARIS BY EMY

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