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"Far from hurting me, the one who differs from me, enriches me." Antoine de Saint -Exupéry
Genuine Tailor Made Paris Trip with Private Tour

Like a wedding planner, PARIS BY EMY creates Haute Couture Paris Tour Package, with Private Tour Guide Paris, far away from mass tourism through 10 themes according to the profile, aspirations & budget of each client. Thanks to ongoing exchanges before and during the trip, you will have the Top Things to do in Paris and the Must See in Paris depending on your personality. Our international clients are families, couples, groups of friends, university groups... Ask PARIS BY EMY for your Paris Trip Planner with your personalized Roadmap & Travelogue, through the expertise of Emy — a native French speaker and Parisienne, fluent in English who lived 5 years in the U.S. Enjoy your cultural background through sacred places, museums, restaurants, ... within Cosmopolite Paris. You will optimize your time, appreciate this personalized trip with serenity and privileges. Your trip is filled with experiences that reflect your very own aspirations.

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Your Paris Trip Planner

Each package includes the following: Exchanges and interviews with Emy, @ Your Paris Trip Planner page to build your trip according to your aspirations, 3 lodgings propositions verified by Emy, an itinerary called ” The Roadmap”, tailor made, and a travel guide booklet, “The Travelogue”, tailor-made, unlimited online exchanges to create your dream trip, and permanent assistance before and during the trip (optional).

Your Paris Tour Package

Enjoy a genuine tailor made @ Your Paris Tour Package page through 10 themes, the seasons and cultural programs. First time in Paris ? Make your marriage proposal in the most romantic city of the world, Paris in the Spring, Paris sightseeing, French Cuisine, Paris history, Christmas in Paris… Ask for the top things to do in Paris, the Must See in Paris according to your aspirations & budget.

Your Private Tour Guide Paris

Rendez-Vous at your convenience with your @ Private Tour Guide Paris page with Emy, a French parisienne, fluent in English and well-versed in multicultural exchanges, for a day, an evening or to go outside Paris, in Normandy, The D-Day Landing Beaches, Deauville or the region of Champagne, Reims,… In addition to a permanent online assistance, and emergency services during your stay.