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Paris Trip Planner

Paris Trip Planner

Like a wedding planner, PARIS BY EMY is dedicated to planning personalized vacation packages with Paris private guided tours, via 10 themes, according to the profile and budget of each client, for family, couple, marriage proposal, small groups, student tours, school trips… • Feel Paris heartbeat • Bask in serenity for your trip • Get off the beaten path • Be understood and cosseted • Optimize your time and budget • Born and raised in the French Alps, Emy lived in the US for 5 years where she was involved in multicultural organizations. She travelled to Europe, Africa, North America & the Middle East. Having friends visiting Paris, she had this idea of PARIS BY EMY. Enjoy an authentic insight into French culture with a tailor-made Paris tour package, a knowledgeable trip with fun to open our souls according to your aspirations.

Travel In Serenity with Local
Where to Stay in Paris

Paris Hotels recommendations, verified by PARIS BY EMY according to your criteria, with hotel pick up for guided tours. From your hotel location, we set an itinerary. The opposite is true.  [Read more]

Private Tours Paris for Everyone

No matter of who you are, a family, a couple, a group of friends, a teacher with his/her students, we plan the perfect Paris Trip for you, your way, with advices from a French local parisian company [Read more]

Itinerary Made Just for You

Enjoy Tailor-Made Tours through 10 themes we plan according to your aspirations & budget such as Parisian icons, food & drink, art & museums, sacred places, shopping, entertainment [Read more]

Paris Vacation Planner

There is no already-made tour and no algorithm. We create unique trip thanks to a strong readiness and real human exchanges. Emy lived in the US for 5 years, travelled to Europe, Africa, North America & the Middle East. [Read more]

Paris Tour Package Custom Made

We are a MIX between a travel agent, concierge, online personal assistant, tailor-made private tour guide. You choose what you want as far as lodging recommendations services, special event organization, custom made itinerary, private tour guide with hotel pick up [Read more]

Private Tour Guide Paris

Hotel pick up with your Parisian private guide, fluent in English, for half a day, a day, an evening accross the 20 arrondissements, Saint Germain, Montmartre, via themes such as the Revolution, World War II, poets, artists in Paris [Read more]