The Roadmap, an Itinerary & Travel Guide

Paris Itinerary : The Roadmap is tailor-made. Personalized via your desires, budget and our 10 PARIS BY EMY themes, it guides you every day of your trip. It reflects your personality and aspirations.

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Paris Itinerary Made Just For You

This service, the itinerary is designed to address the special and basic needs of our busy clients that lack the necessary time to plan a trip in Paris, France. We plan your itinerary upon your approval and arrange it for the duration of your stay.

  • Optimize your time by letting an expert to set your stay
  • Easy to read on PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Sent by email AND dropped off at your hotel printed

We value permanent assistance before and during your stay. We also are available 24/7  in case of emergency. We will work every single detail, giving each client personalized services needed to create an unforgettable trip, from beginning to end.

What is your itinerary made of

In fact, we set before your arrival your custom made itinerary according to your aspirations, with your validations and our Paris based expertise and network. This Roadmap/Itinerary folder includes :

  • Skip the line tickets and fast pass we booked for you
  • Basic information about your hotel district and things to do around it
  • Things you do for each day of your stay including private tour guide day and hour
  • Restaurants reservation and booked services regarding activities you would like to do
  • Basic information regarding the things you visit with recommendations
  • Integrates public and/or private transportation with direction

This itinerary is flexible during your stay for such and such reasons (your mood, weather, unforeseen things) if you feel like changing things. We will do our best to modify it in a realistic way. Please, note that booked tickets and booked activities cannot be changed and are not refundable.

Ask us to find for you a great hotel at the right location for you with all the options and service you are looking for.

Activities for your itinerary

In addition to private tour guide, restaurants, museums and landmarks reservation, tell us activities you desire to do :

  • Cooking class regarding traditional meal or patisserie
  • Cabaret in Montmartre to feel the bohemian spirit
  • Moulin Rouge dinner show with champagne
  • Wine tasting with cheese in a Parisian wine bar
  • Visit the land of the famous Brie cheese near Paris
  • Discovery of Champagne region with tasting of 3 champagnes
  • Jazz concert in famous Saint Germain district
  • Ballet, recital and opera in the Paris Opera
  • Make your own perfume or discover the art of perfume
  • Booking a photographer for great souvenir shooting
  • Play in a famous French Casino North of Paris
  • Get a new look and a new hair cut
  • Opt for a relooking and personal shopper guide
  • Have a beauty and make up class
  • Overview of Paris from a balloon fly
  • Walking and biking tours for a Green Paris
  • Charming dinner and or sightseeing cruise
  • Have a ride with a Rolls Royce or a private boat on the Seine River
  • Rent a luxuary car or a scooter for a day
  • Get a dinner invitation in Parisians’ homes
  • Bring your kids to ride a poney in our beautiful parks
  • Go for a canoe Kayak tour on the Marne river…

We create and book your itinerary upon your validation and spending orientation with our fabulous Parisian network

3 Day itinerary minimum

The custom made itinerary can be plan for :

  • 3 Day itinerary minimum
  • 4 Day itinerary
  • 5 Day itinerary
  • 6 Day itinerary
  • 7 Day itinerary…

In the case of you choose the itinerary option, your tailor made itinerary will be sent by email & dropped at your hotel with full documents printed.

With your itinerary, you have a global vision and a mastered plan of your trip, according to your expectations. We guide you and support you until the last day of your trip, with ongoing assistance. We are here for you if you have questions or requests.

Ongoing assistance

  • We look for solutions to last minute unforeseen events
  • We are here for emergency problems
  • We assist you before and during your trip

Itinerary with Private Tour Guide fully customized

Each private tour guide is also planned with a personalized itinerary.

  • For example, you are fond of literature, you might ask for famous writers and poets tour who lived in Paris.
  • Another example, you are looking for shopping, you might ask for a shopping tour on specific items

Same for private tour, if you feel like changing things because of the weather or you feel too tired, we will modify your Paris private tour guide according to realistic possibilities. Please, note that entrance tickets and booked activities are not changeable and refundable.

Custom Made Paris Itinerary

  • Save time and energy

Your itinerary is like a roadmap, a schedule like a plan for your days and evenings, from morning to night, optimized for transport and travel time, with maps, subway stations and further information.

  • All inclusive

The Roadmap includes reservation, booking for restaurants, skip-the-line tickets for museums, any activities or private tour guide you have decided to do for each day of your stay.

  • Flexibility and freedom

It is flexible to follow, interchangeable per day according to your moods, and your rhythm (also according to the weather). We set your day and time Paris itinerary  via your choices.

  • Have a clear view of your trip

It allows you to save your time while giving you a clear itinerary according to your desires, tailor-made and printed, dropped off at your hotel before your arrival.

  • Learn a little bit about Paris

Your Paris Itinerary is also like a travel guide booklet, describing every aspect of your visited places, the things you will do, during your stay in Paris. We include major facts and useful information for each day.

  • Constant assistance

We offer on top of that ongoing assistance before and during your stay. You might have questions and requests that need help form a local trustful company. We are available 24/7  in case of emergency.

Paris Itinerary via 10 themes

Get some inspirations with the PARIS BY EMY themes  and find out what to do in Paris :


The most interesting way to enjoy Paris, is to do what speaks to your soul.

What to do in Paris for group trips by PARIS BY EMY

Ask for a Roadmap sample

Add Personalized Services to your Paris itinerary

Paris Tour Package by PARIS BY EMY

Paris itinerary, hotel, restaurant, guide, driver & more

PARIS BY EMYWe set your trip like a wedding planner
Custom made Paris traveler packageFrom 400 Euros including taxe fully customizable
Tailor made private tour guideFrom 170 Euros including taxe according to your aspirations
Cost Paris trip including airfare, hotel, food and drinkEstimation of 2,500 Euros per person for one week

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