Unusual Things to Do in Paris

Unusual Things to Do in Paris : Through the 10 themes PARIS offers many unusual, bizarre, strange, secret, curious, fantastic things to do. Go on the page @ THEMES page .You can ask for those unusual things to do in Paris within those 10 themes : lodging, food & drink, art & museum, sightseeing, sacred place…

Unusual Things to Do in Paris Paris by Emy

There are many things to see, to do, outside the box.

  • Political institutions
  • Arty rooms
  • Bizarre places
  • Special promenades
  • Green Spirit in the City of Lights
  • Very special sacred places
  • Unknown scientific and intellectual sites
  • Crazy dances and activities
  • Unusual restaurants
  • Paris by night…

Le Centre Bouddhique Kagyu-Dzong with the highest statue of Buddha in Europe, this center is located in Le Bois de Vincennes, a magnificent wood with a zoo… the Green Paris.

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Paris Catacombs Tour

Ask PARIS BY EMY if you want to go outside the box, in addition to the Big Classics.

Paris has 20 districts and more than 2,200 historical monuments, 200 museums, 110 churches…

PARIS BY EMY is your guide to recommand you lodging, sightseeing, activities, districts ballades, restaurants,… through 10 themes, according to your tastes, desires and budget. Recommendations will go over cultural programs of the city of lights, with the expertise of Emy, parisienne, fluent in English.

Let’s have a look THEMES page to have more specifications. You may grade those 10 themes, into subthemes, in order to create your Haute Couture Trip, with the advices of PARIS BY EMY.

We have 5 different packages and you also have many possibilities to modulate each package according to your aspirations & budget. Check @ Paris Tour Package page

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