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Private Tours Paris : You are who you are, we plan the perfect Paris Trip for you. We offer you a great experience, according to your wishes and budget, full of real human exchanges, assistance, recommendations, before and during your trip, with the French expertise of a Parisian company.

Families with small kids or teenagers

Paris Tours for Families

Couples and people falling in love

Paris Tour Package for Couple

Small Groups and Groups of friends

Group Trips to Paris

Highschools, colleges & universities

Student Tours Paris

Private Tours Paris fully customizable

During our tours, we provide tones of services in accordance to your desires and budget.

  • Recommendations to select a great hotel and place to stay
  • Hints to skip the line at monuments and museums
  • Visit Paris unconstrained with private tour services
  • Tips to choose the right Parisian providers and great activities
  • Suggestions for unusual Paris and an authentic insight of Paris
  • Advices for first time visitors tour in Paris city
  • Trip with dedicated customer support

Tones of tailor-made services

Paris Tour Package

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Travel in serenity with local expertise

Paris Hotels

Hotel recommendations where to stay in Paris by PARIS BY EMY

With more than 1 500 hotels, this is probably one of the most difficult and most important part to start with your trip. What to Do in Paris for lodging, prices, location… is complicated when you are not within the city to verify and choose accommodations. With the help and advices of PARIS BY EMY, it becomes easy.

  • Choose a charming little hotel, peaceful, or choose a hotel including all the luxury accommodations services with a great Chef in its restaurant to have fabulous dining times, or auberges de jeunesse, collective accommodations, aparthotels, if you are a school or a group.
  • You have the choice among 3 proposals hotels, palaces, boat-hotels, collective accommodations, according to your criteria and budget, such as price per night per person, number of stars, location, proximity to metro station… 3 star hotels are highly recommended, and all proposals hotels are regulated, in France, by the hotel industry for security, serenity and transparency.
  • Each accommodation is carefully reviewed by PARIS BY EMY who will have visited each of the 3 proposals with photos and reviews to help you make a choice. You receive by email, in a PDF file, the lodging recommendations.
  • PARIS BY EMY does not take any commission on your choice of accommodation and leaves you the responsibility of booking on the one hand and settling your accommodation on the other hand. However, you have the possibility to ask PARIS BY EMY to book your hotel with a commission/fee of 20% on the total cost.

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Options For Private Tour Guide Paris

Taxes includedDepending on the people number for individuals and for professionals or groups
From 140 - 210 Euros½ Day(s) 8 am to 7 pm (3 hours total per day)
From 300 - 450 Euros1 Day(s) 8 am to 7 pm (6 hours total per day)
From 250 - 375 Euros1 Evening(s) 8 pm to midnight (4 hours total per evening)
From 1200 Euros1 day Champagne 8 am to 10 pm (14 hours total per day) touring transportation by rental car, only for individuals
From 2000 Euros2 days Normandy 8 am to 10 pm (14 hours total per day) touring transportation by rental car, only for individuals

Private Tours Paris Spirit

  • A Unique and Bountiful Experience of Joy and Enchantment
  • An Educational and Knowledgeable Trip with fun to open our Souls
  • The Respect of Each Other to build social links across the world
  • The Openness between one another for a Mutually Beneficial Impact

City Hall of Paris BHV Marais PARIS BY EMY private tours Paris

Private Tours Paris benefits

  • Follow your aspirations
  • Save time & energy
  • Optimize your budget
  • Be cosseted and understood
  • Travel in serenity with local expertise

No already-made tour No platform

  • No platform, no automatism, no already-made tour, every trip is unique
  • No tourist trap, just genuine personalized trip with transparency and accuracy
  • No partners, vendors have signed a contractual agreement with PARIS BY EMY
  • No commission will be collected by PARIS BY EMY if a customer chooses a supplier

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